Operational Control

National Grid operates one of the world’s most reliable transmission systems. Our highly trained employees are able to deliver a range of services to customers, including:

Operational Control: Control Person Operation (CPO) and Alarm Monitoring Services

Our Transmission Network Control Centre (TNCC) is able to provide Control Person Operation (CPO) services to customers who require assistance with their operational switching. We also offer an alarm monitoring service via the same control centre.

Safety Management: Control Person Safety (CPS) Services

Our comprehensive and seamless service manages the interface between the customer's control centre and National Grid’s Transmission Network Control Centre (TNCC), transferring safety management control of the assets. We establish and control the safety precautions (isolation and earthing); we issue, cancel and control safety documents, including permits to/for work, sanction to/for work etc; we manage safety coordination across control boundaries to the requirements of Grid Code OC8; we return control of the customer’s equipment to their Control Person Operation (CPO) following the cancellation of the final safety documentation and removal of all safety precautions.

Our safety performance is world class, so you can rest assured that your people and assets will be in capable hands.

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