Consultancy & Policy Support

  • Asset Health

    We work with our customers to understand the condition of their assets and actions required in order to minimise breakdowns, increase availability and prolong asset life. We employ world leaders in high voltage technologies and therefore we can help customers with a broad range of enquiries.

  • Harmonics

    Our harmonic consulting services can assist customers in fulfilling their obligations, delivering key design outputs and providing advice and recommendations on how to ensure compliance. 



  • Earthing Studies

    Rise of Earth testing includes determining the earth return current for a given customers required location. We will then produce a report and assessment of these results. 

  • Workplace Assessments of Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMFs)

    We offer EMF exposure assessments to help you achieve compliance and protect your employees. We’ll help and guide you to ensure that every member of staff stays safe and that you have the necessary documents to attain compliance.

  • Guidance for Flooding Erosion and Groundwater Hazards

    Our Environmental Engineering experts provide specialist consultancy on all areas of flooding and natural hazards associated with the resilience and operation of high voltage transmission assets. We share best practice in flood resilience by investigating, identifying and minimising the impacts of flooding and natural hazards.

  • Noise Impact Management

    We understand the specific types of noise emissions from high voltage assets and noise management. Our Environmental Engineering experts provide specialist consultancy on all areas of noise associated with the operation of high voltage transmission assets.



To provide a more flexible, tailored service to our customers, the extensive range of National Grid technical standards documents can now be purchased individually, in batches of 10, or in bulk, for greater cost efficiency.

The range of documents on offer is vast and includes Technical Specifications, Technical Guidance Notes and Transmission Procedures. These documents are now stored and sold via our intermediary supply partner, IHS, which specialises in this area of online documentation sales.

To view our portfolio of documents and purchase without delay, visit the National Grid section of the IHS website.