Asset Monitoring

  • Site Routine Inspections

    We offer routine, non-invasive, non-outage inspections of plant, equipment and site infrastructure.  We agree the schedule of inspections and the frequency with the customer.

    After each inspection, we provide the customer with a detailed report on the condition of their High Voltage (HV) assets.  These inspections give peace of mind that plant and equipment are being regularly monitored in line with either National Grid’s own best practice procedures, or to the customer’s own requirements.

  • SF6 Surveys

    We have many years of experience working with and handling SF6 gas (Sulfur Hexafluoride) where it is used as an electrical insulator in high voltage substation equipment. We have invested in equipment that allows us to pin-point SF6 leaks using thermal imaging technology. 

    For more details on this and the full range of SF6 services that we offer, such as thermal imaging, gas handling and top-ups.

  • Overhead Line Condition Monitoring

    Our overhead lines team is able to provide a number of services from routine inspections via foot patrols to thermal imaging and condition assessments via helicopter, checking for faults and damage resulting from high winds and adverse weather conditions.