Asset Maintenance

Outage Maintenance

Outage Maintenance includes the planning, execution and result reporting of maintenance on plant and equipment and can be carried out during notified outage periods.  Outage Maintenance is dependent upon the customer giving a pre-determined minimum notice period for agreed work windows and a defined work-scope. We then allocate resources for delivery of the work in the agreed timescales.

Reactive Maintenance

In addition to any pre-determined outage maintenance work, we are able to quote for, plan and deliver reactive maintenance work on customers’ assets throughout the year. Please contact us with your requirements.

Oil Management Services

Oil Management is one of our fastest growing range of services. Using the very latest mobile technology, our Oil Management Unit (OMU) operates from three strategic locations - Dartford, Leicester and Doncaster.

Our vehicles have high speed mobile degasser dryer units that pull vacuum, dry, filter and remove gases from oil. We also have mobile reclamation units that re-generate oil. They dry, filter, remove gases and chemically treat the oil to remove acidity and sludge.

As a result, we can provide a full range of oil management services to customers from sampling, testing, analysis and advice, to replacement, reconditioning and reclamation. To review full details of these different services, please download the Oil Management brochure and read what our customers have to say about our services by downloading one of the case studies below.

Eggborough Power

EDF Energy Nuclear Generation

SF6 Top Ups

We can attend site with our specialist trained staff and equipment and empty or top up your SF6 assets, both pre and post maintenance. Alternatively we can top up leaking assets to continue their reliability, until repair can be carried out.

For more details on our full range of SF6 services that we offer, such as thermal imaging, gas handling and top-ups, download our SF6 Services Leaflet.

Overhead Line Maintenance

Data collected during OHL line monitoring surveys is collated into professional survey reports, for review by the customer and National Grid, to determine if any maintenance work is required. Engineers will evaluate faults and we can then plan and deliver any required remedial action. Our specialist team can also carry out live line repairs where necessary, substantially reducing outage durations.

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