National Grid Technical Documents

Now available to purchase online

National Grid has teamed up with IHS International to make our key documentation available to purchase through their online Standards Store. 

As the owner and operator of the high voltage (HV) electricity transmission network in England and Wales, National Grid has substantial experience and technical expertise in providing a safe, reliable and available electricity transmission system. 

Our HV electricity transmission network is founded upon a wealth of experience. Some of the world’s leading engineers have developed our technical documents, which are the foundation of how we operate our network. 

Key Facts: 

  • National Grid has over 1000 technical documents 
  • Topics include: Substations, Cables, Overhead lines, Interconnectors and Safety Procedures 

How do I Purchase Documents? 

1. Simply set up an account with the IHS online Standards Store.

2. Then there are two ways of purchasing documents, individually or in packages: 

Individual Documents: search for the documents you require, add them to your shopping bag then pay by credit card or on your account 

Packages: contact IHS to create custom packages of National Grid documents using the details below: 

  • Phone: 01344 328039 / 01344 328300 
  • Email: 

If you have any further questions about this service please contact the Commercial Engineering Services (CES) team on: +44 (0)800 783 9228 or send us your enquiry.

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