Impressed Voltage Training

Impressed Voltage Training

In 2015 National Grid recognised that Impressed Voltage (IV) was a critical risk area that we needed to review and improve upon. Although IV is not a new hazard, the phenomenon of IV has become increasingly acknowledged across the UK transmission system in recent years. Several incidents across the world and in the UK raised our concerns, and led to a review of how we manage IV internally.

Within National Grid a strategy was developed to improve the management and awareness of IV in our operational and capital delivery parts of our business. Enhanced training was very much one of the key elements that we focussed on.

To address this concern we have now developed and delivered two IV training courses to thousands of staff members and contractors. This has led to a significant improvement in awareness and knowledge in our business.

We designed our IV training packages to raise awareness of the mechanisms and dangers of IV and increase organisational competence in this area. Our awareness training package is designed for those with an operational role or engineering background, or anyone who interfaces with substation or overhead line environments.  The course is delivered on an e-learning platform using animations and interactive exercises to aid learning. The training has successfully increased the skills and competence of our operational workforce and our contractors.

Due to the success of the training it has now been rolled out across non-operational roles. This has really helped to widen our staff and contractors knowledge of the risks and controls when working on or around our high voltage system.

For more details on our computer based learning see our Impressed Voltage Awareness leaflet. To arrange training please contact the Commercial Engineering Services (CES) team via the enquiry form or call us on 0800 783 9228.