Marchwood Power

Marchwood Power: 24 Hour Emergency Call-out

An emergency enquiry was received from Marchwood Power regarding a fault displaying as a gas alarm. Following prompt response our local delivery team worked with the Marchwood site engineer and identified that it was in fact an issue with the Gen 3 Circuit Breaker. The prompt diagnosis was due to our team having experienced this issue previously on this piece of equipment, which had proved very timely to rectify.

Valuable lessons learnt had been taken into account since the previous fault occurred, which meant the customer had already obtained the required spares as a contingency back up. The auxiliary switch component block was replaced not only on one of the phases but on another of the phases at the same time to prevent the fault in question occurring again in the near future.

Scott Curtis, Marchwood Power Electrical Engineer said,

"Please pass on my praise and appreciation to everyone at National Grid who is involved with our support contract, especially the South East team for their support during our outages and more importantly the assistance they provided with the fault on the Gen 3 circuit. Also, huge thanks to the substation engineers for the assistance they provided and the flexibility they offer during our shut downs and safety management. Efficient teamwork, expert knowledge and quick turnaround – a great result."

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Download the Marchwood Power case study as a PDF.